Future Programs, Products, and Services

This page is currently a brief overview of our future plans. We are currently accepting: submissions for our publishing company; articles, op-eds and think pieces for the magazine line and this website; submissions for and reviews of mental health professionals and therapists with an understanding of socio-racial identity’s impact on compliance and the therapeutic process. We are also currently accepting financial contributions earmarked towards the development of any of the following, and suggestions for initiatives.


Here’s what’s in the works.

  • a publishing company that produces works with an element of either interracial identity or “non-standard” racial identity. This includes novels (YA and adult), non-fiction books, and children’s books. If you have a manuscript to submit, please Contact Us.
  • a magazine line catering to interracial/biracial family life (parenting, women’s, men’s, teen girls’, teen boys’, and kids’)
  • a primary/secondary school textbook line, and other school-supporting work (eg. supplementary texts, pre-fabricated lesson plans highlighting and normalizing lives of color, etc.)
  • a network of therapists and clinical social workers who understand the role racial identity plays in their work, with particular sensitivity to any marginalized racial group