Are you interested in being a part of HypheNation? Do you want to make a contribution to the building of a space for real conversations about race, the production of textbooks that reflect our nation more accurately, the secure formation of identity for kids (and parents) in interracial families, or the fostering of more written media that reflects a wider variety of human experiences?

If you’d like to contribute financially, you can send money through PayPal (you do NOT have to have a PayPal account! Just a credit or accepted debit card) to
We are not a registered non-profit. We are, however, a registered DBA, so also accept checks made out to HypheNation. Please use the form below to indicate interest if you’re interested in sending a check.

We also accept written contributions. If you like to write, please indicate your interest with this form. 

Also, following this site, posting comments, and sharing articles is contributing to the cause. It’s the easiest way to do it, and we appreciate every view!


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