I turned 29 on Monday. The last year of the decade that’s the autonomous version of teenage-hood in American culture today. This is the year to hammer it out and get it right, right? I spent the day (really, a few days surrounding it) camping on Cape Cod, and at the beach on the bay side. It was beautiful, and I got to relive my childhood memories through the eyes of the cutest toddler I’ve ever laid eyes on. Not that I’m biased, as her mom, or anything. So how am I spending this last year of my 20s?

I’ll be going back to school to begin my plan to become an LCSW. Going into clinical social work in order to provide a therapeutic space for interracial families and their members to work on their mental health and well-being has been a bit of a goal for a while, and the development of a nationwide network of therapists, psychologists, and clinical social workers who consider socio-racial identity when discussing other mental health or behavioral concerns with their clients is a goal for HypheNation.

I’ll be writing more. I was given the talent, the resources, and the voice for a reason, and I hope that anyone out there who needs to hear the messages I send is able to be reached. I’m sorry that I’ve made those people have to wait so long, and they won’t be waiting any longer.

I’ll be editing and publishing other voices in the interracial family sphere. Our voices, stories, and experiences need to be heard, and I’d love to help you bring yours out clearly. Please feel free to submit stories, plays, poems, manuscripts, drawings, graphic designs, etc. to HypheNation. We are the space for your voice to ring out! For all work, your intellectual property remains your own, with a license to distribute granted to HypheNation, unless otherwise discussed and agreed.

I’ll be doing consulting work and holding classes in the Northeast United States (and elsewhere as requested), working with organizations to make their spaces more conducive to people of color and/or interracial families, with families to help strengthen themselves as a safe space for identity formation, and with individuals who just need someone who gets it.

I’m ready for this ride, and I’d love for you to join me. Are you in?


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