Privilege amongst the privileged; discussing “the terms” at Lehigh University

Reposted from The Brown and White:

While pursuing the humanities and social science sections of any library, you’re likely to come across a laundry list of politically-charged and contested terms: white privilege, male privilege, the gender gap, heteronormativity, rape culture, American exceptionalism and first world problems.

Well, okay, maybe not that last one.

These highbrow phrases – coined by sociologists, historians, social commentators and the like — have driven many intellectual discussions on the state of equality in our contemporary world. But what place, if any, do they have in our lives on campus?

Click here to read the full article.

What place do you think these conversations have on college campuses? Do they have a place? Should it just be amongst students, one on one or in small groups in the cafeteria? Are support/student activity groups necessary? What about the administration–where does their responsibility lay in addressing these terms and the social issues they were created to discuss? Comment below.


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