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In lieu of a post today, I would like to make two announcements.

Firstly, I have posted the Glossary page. It’s in its infancy stages, so comment here (or using the box on the page itself) on what other terms you’d like to see defined. I’m excited to build this page to help us all use the same language in this conversation; using the same language builds unity.

Secondly, I would like to announce the coolest thing on thing on the internet today, in the theme of unity. Coming soon, a brand new Hagadah will enter the world! Jewish or not, Ashkenazi, Mizrahi, Sephardi, none of the above, Reform, Conservative, Conservadox, Orthodox, Ultra-Orthodox, Chassidic, whatever you are… interested in learning? Want a gorgeous, ornate, and easy to understand and read Hagadah? Tired of the boring commentary? I’ve gotten a sneak peak in these pages, and now you can have one, too. Coming soon, The Rishoni Illuminated Legacy Hagadah. Check it out here:

Oh, and keep the comments coming on Hard Conversations; post more of the things you’re sick of hearing on social media, and the talking points that get in the way of having these hard conversations coherently.

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