Need some help building empathy? Here, let Buzzfeed help you!

Some of the comments on the post (the comments section is the devil!) are very, very critical and non-empathetic of the author. While I do agree that it can seem like a bit of a stretch that it took some of these things to build empathy in a person, sometimes, a person really just has led a life that makes it difficult to put themselves in another’s shoes, especially when they’ve been in somewhat tangentially related–but, it turns out, not actually similarly experienced–situations themselves, and think they know how to react. So, if you need a bit of help expanding your empathy, or just a reminder of how easy it can be and how much you don’t think it should have to take, click on the link below.

Also, sorry for the week away, I was up in the mountains with no signal, and it was sort of glorious, but also sort of horrible. A post on that tomorrow. Welcome to our first ReBlog Sunday!


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