Whole Foods, Detroit, and Englewood, Chicago.

If you haven’t ever read about the food options available in lower-economic neighborhoods, and how there’s usually one small, not well stocked, dimly lit, poorly serviced supermarket (if even that) and the rest of the options are corner stores, combined with the options presented often being calorie-heavy and nutritionally-light, this is not the place to start. If you’re already familiar, however, or just want to read a good article about Whole Foods moving into a decidedly non-White neighborhood and NOT intending to gentrify it, but instead, to actually serve its population, this will delight your heart. Regardless of how you feel about Whole Paycheck. It might even change how you feel! (Hey, and maybe you’ll start shopping at Whole Foods and picking up its 365 in-house brand.) I’ll stop rambling, the article is long enough as is.

View original article from the Washington Post


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