Send who back to where? When will you send yourself?

White supremacists have always been a group that, at least from a distance, I find really interesting. The thought process that has to go into genuinely segregating oneself so much that they cannot see the humanity in another person, or just don’t care to know it, and often still identify very strongly with Christian or other religious values (do they not know that Abrahamic religions originated in the Middle East, with people who were brown?)… how does one even arrive at that while doing more than just spewing talking points? I’ll let you all read the article for yourselves with the link below, but first, a commentary on one specific part.

“I do believe in ethnic cleansing,” says Hallimore, whose group has an estimated 50,000 followers, a large share of whom identify with the Aryan Brotherhood, the white-supremacist prison-gang and crime syndicate. “I would cleanse the U.S. and send [the African-Americans] back to Africa, but I’d do it in a kind way by providing for them and getting them started back toward their homeland. The same for the Orientals and the Mexicans and so on.”

Why do American white supremacists always say this? At least for British ones, it sort of makes sense. But if you’re in America, and you’re going to send everyone back to “their homeland,” don’t you know that you need to send yourself back, too? That most “African-Americans” have 1) European ancestry as well 2) roots in this country probably farther back than your family? That some African immigrants to America didn’t come on slave ships and were, in fact, free, and did, in fact, own slaves as well? That some African-American might actually be your ancestor, too, if you look hard enough into your history? And more likely, that you are (at least distantly) related to someone African-American by blood? Do they know that the “Orientals” have been here since they were ad bactually called Orientals? That Asian-descendant Americans built our railroads and were an integral part of expanding our great nation out westward? Do they know that the Mexicans were here first, especially in places in the western half of the United States, and that this IS their homeland? Do these people genuinely not realize that THEIR homeland is, well, EUROPE, not the good ‘ol U.S. of A.? That if we were really going to ethnically cleanse America and send all of the immigrants back home, no one would be left except BROWN people? Well, actually, that’s not entirely true. In part because genocide–which, by the way, these guys need to find a dictionary and see the real definition of, because it’s definitely death to a people or culture by 1) actual death or 2) deliberate intermarriage/forced adoption with the intent of erasing and eradicating culture and eventually, distinguishing characteristics–has been perpetrated against, say, Native American tribes, with the second definition applying so broadly that many people who are phenotypically identified in America as White, Black, or Hispanic/Latino are, in fact, at least part Native American. So… logic? We already know that these thoughts aren’t particularly logical, but at least they seem to have some sort of logical flow to them. Do they know history? Do they understand how the U.S. was founded and what peoples immigrated here when and played what role in building the infrastructure? Do they understand that White people are ALL immigrants in some way or another? That African-descendant and Asian-descendant Americans were here at the nation’s inception and before, as well? Someone should teach them. Will it be me? Help me do it here. Then scroll down just a little bit more … here you go… to View the original post.


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