Trust Me, I Don’t Have Privilege.

Over the past … well, life, but particularly rising in number this past week, we’ve all had these conversations. Conversations where, if you’re White, you’re talking to your friends of color and saying “I don’t have privilege, though. I’m [Jewish, Russian, handicapped, poor, uneducated, insert other reason here].” And they’re most likely a bit frustrated, as are you at being made to feel guilty about something you don’t feel like you should feel guilty about. And you shouldn’t, guilt is NOT the emotion we’re going for evoking, here. Understanding and empathy, more like. If you’re not White or Black, you get intersectionality somewhat already, but this article may help solidify some things. If you’re Black, you’re probably going nuts over these conversations, because you have some concept of intersectionality, even if you don’t have the language. You know that maybe it sucked for your friend to grow up with only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch and dinner every day, while you had gourmet dinners in your family’s mansion, but that’s a different kind of privilege than what you’re having THIS conversation about–and it’s an important conversation, too, and should happen, but it doesn’t mean that when they walk into a store in their ratty hand-me-downs, they’re going to be followed or assumed to have stolen something the same way that you, walking in in your brand new $500 outfit will. Class privilege is a thing. Health and ability privileges are a thing. Citizenship privilege is a thing. Those are all conversations that America needs to have. But right now, we’re having this one. Here’s race privilege. Click the link below to read more.

Explaining White Privilege to a broke White Person


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